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Have you ever started a new job in a new country or planning to relocate and felt completely lost on the first day? Were you able to “hit the ground running,” or did it take a long time for you to come up to speed with your new country’s environment, processes, and unspoken rules? Coming to a new country can be exciting, but it can also be very stressful and overwhelming.

The unique concept and platform of Thegulfroad helps you find a buddy who can coach you, mentor you and help you to settle down in your new city. Assigning a buddy who can help ease the transition into your new country can be very beneficial for all involved, especially during the early days.

Buddies should have the skills and knowledge to perform the following types of tasks:

  • Teaching/or tutoring, such as explaining unfamiliar tasks
  • Explaining how to use transportation or mode of commutation,understanding where you want to live
  • and expectations, making travel arrangements, and the like
  • Socializing with the new people in town on norms, culture, and unwritten guidelines of the city
  • Sharing insights on how things are done in the city
  • Involving the new guests in social or informal activities, such as lunch, coffee, and such
  • Being comfortable and settle quickly upon your arrival or even before you arrive
Explore Buddies

Searching stay!

We help you search in a new place of stay based on your requirement

Searching school!

We help you search a school where you children can go

Sharing insights!

We help you share our insights about the place, norms, culture, and unwritten guidelines

Places to eat and socialize!

We help you socialize with the local community and make friends and learn new languages

City guide!

We help you in understanding the city better

Special arrangement!

We help you by making special arrangements for you to buy furniture, electronics and other household goods!


you’ll love

We analyse your needs and budget to make arrangements for your stay and living as comfortable as possible. In the crucial first weeks we provide you with the moral support as well know-how of the place and where you should take your apartment which satifies all your needs.


you’ll love

Get in touch and meet with new people and make friends. Socializing is a real necessity and especially when you are alone. Come and get together to feel the culture of your new destined city.


you’ll love

As a buddy you earn a side income and what’s better than helping and earning on something which you are aware off. Your experiences, challenges and comforts are shared with the new comers and for this you get paid!

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